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Meet Shane Norton

The Tantric Osteopathic Comedian

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What I'm About

I am a lot!

Yes, you may find me confusing, but I'm not confused. I'm doing my best to live from a place of love and expansion. I love my life and I love my work and my three arms keep me ever more excited and passionate about what I do.

The Talents and Gifts That I Share

There is surprisingly a lot of overlap with my three offerings. 

The Tantric Couple Glastonbury1_edited.jpg

Conscious Relationships & Tantra

Retreats & Workshops

For me tantra is about cultivating more love in everything that you do.


As you start to live a life dedicated to love, you start doing crazy things like working as a tantric osteopathic comedian, because nothing else could be a truer expression of my love!

When it comes to teaching under the name Love Matters, my big passion is for deep heart opening and relationship building content. I want us to learn how to be open, communicative and help us build deep and supportive relationships!

Alongside teaching at workshops and festivals, I organise retreats for the internationally renowned school ISTA and act as organiser and assistant teacher on workshops under the name "The Tantric Couple" with leading tantra teacher Shashi Solluna.

Shane Norton Osteopathy 2.jpg


One to One Bodywork

Osteopathy for me holds its beauty in being a medicine that is led by touch and feeling. I feel the body. I feel how it moves, how vibrant it feels, and I follow the tensions and blockages.

The body guides me, I follow its queues and use physical therapy to restore function and vitality to the organs, muscles and bones, which in turn supports the bodies return to health. 

Some of the amazing things I've been able to restore to proper functioning in the last year:

  • Hips, lots of hips

  • Lower backs

  • Shoulders

  • Craniums (headaches & tinnitus)

  • Penises (erectile & PE issues)

  • Chests, lungs and hearts

  • Digestive systems

I also deeply treasure my work with those that wish to remove old emotional wounds and psychological trauma from their bodies. This physical work supports the release of these issues on an emotional and mental level bringing them more vibrancy in their entire life.


Comedy Kiss

Show organiser and host

Bringing more laughter to Switzerland!

Just incase I wasn't bringing enough aliveness to Switzerland with Tantra and Osteopathy, I bring more aliveness in the form of Stand-Up Comedy, where I act as organiser and host for over 14 shows a month.

For me being on stage is the greatest exercise in authentic and open relating. I bare the deepest secrets of my soul and if you don't feel me and my authenticity, you won't find me funny. 


So come join me sharing love, poking fun at old ways of being and teasing the audience to not take themselves so seriously.

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